Introducing Tech Fleet’s New NFT Game: Mutantis

Burn, baby, burn

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4 min readMay 14, 2023

Written by Morgan Denner, Head of UX at Tech Fleet Professional Association

Welcome to Mutantis, where old NFT find a new home in the battle arena


If you’ve collected NFT, you’ve probably faced the ever-dreaded “rug”, where a project is active for a while but then stops interacting, and goes “dead”. Meanwhile all the NFT investors are left with seemingly useless collectibles, hoping to use them some day and recoup their earnings again.

NFT collectors have all been there at some point or another. The crypto space is full of scammy projects and broken promises. It’s very frustrating and can damage trust for blockchain communities. NFT’s are only as valuable and impactful as the community around it; once a project “rugs”, a community is left to its own devices in creating new utility for the NFT’s they minted.


No matter what happens to the Kadena blockchain, the community can always be there to reuse and recycle utility for its various different NFT collections.

Tech Fleet Professional Association aims to offer ways to re-introduce value to “useless” NFT.

Introducing: a new NFT game, Mutantis, built on Kadena and Flux Official blockchains.


Mutantis is a game that generates new NFT out of other NFT using AI image generation.

The premise is simple: if you’ve got a bunch of NFT in your wallet that you never use, and never intend to use, you can combine two of them together to create a Mutantis “mutant”. You can train your Mutantis NFT to build character traits, mutate it over time, and take it into battle to fight other NFT for prizes. The game should support being able to battle any NFT from any project that’s supported in-game.


***Please note: these are tentative plans; as the project gets underway, and the teams start building the game, these details can and will change based on what makes sense. Look for us to communicate this as it changes.

Minting Mutantis NFT’s

Here’s how to mint a new Mutantis NFT:

  1. Choose 2 NFT in your wallet from any project that the game supports. To start, the game will support any Kadena NFT. Later down the road, the game will expand to other blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, MultiversX, Cosmos, and others, so that you can mint a Mutantis NFT from two different blockchains at the same time. The newly minted Mutantis NFT will be minted on the Kadena blockchain.
  2. Burn the NFT: The game takes the NFT attributes from the 2 NFT you’ve chosen and randomly generates a set of new traits for the Mutantis NFT. Then it burns the 2 NFT you have chosen. Bye bye baby. Burn, baby, burn.
  3. Mutate into a Mutantis NFT: The game will use AI technology to take the old traits and create new traits, then generate an image from AI. The AI models we use will be chosen as we get into the game design. The rarer your burned NFT were, the more powerful your Mutantis NFT will be, and the more special it will be. Look for more details as the gamification and game-play are designed over time.

Training Mutantis NFT’s

Get your NFT ready for the deadly battle arena. You can train Mutantis NFT, or any other NFT from any other collection that’s supported in the game, and battle them all in the arena. All Mutantis NFT and other NFT you want to battle will need to be staked in the gaming platform before they’re ready. Traits will be randomly determined through blockchain mechanisms on-chain. Stake for different lengths of time to earn different traits or battle abilities to gain advantage. Staking mechanisms will be announced as we move further into game design and development.

Mutantis Agnostic Battle Arena


Ever wanted to battle your NFT from different collections? Well now you’ll be able to! You’d need to stake your NFT in the game and train it before it’s ready for battle.

In the Mutantis battle arena, you can battle Mutantis OR any NFT that you’ve trained, like Wizards Arena, Brawler Bears, KittyKad, Secret Garden Gnomes, Azuki, or whatever the game supports.

Many NFT enter, one NFT wins. Which one will it be?



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