Introducing the Tech Fleet Community DAO: Offering Decentralized Tech Apprenticeships and a Participatory Economics Engine for The World


Not everyone has an equal chance of success in Tech careers today. Where you grew up, your access to premium education, who you and your family know, your work experience, all play roles in your success. Those who are favored get the experience they need to land lucrative jobs. Others end up working a second job for free, just to get the experience they need to get paid for the same job.

  1. The first DAO and community-driven re-skilling platform for UX, Product Management, Web/App/Blockchain Development, Marketing, QA, Business Development, and other Tech roles
  2. A place where you get a financial stake in the companies we help
  3. A proprietary community-driven Tech apprenticeship program for anyone trying to get into UX, Product Management, QA, Business, Marketing, or Development
  4. A way to invest in new ideas, help make them a reality, and have a financial stake in them
  5. A place for any company (nonprofit, for-profit, startup) in the world to test and build and validate new business ideas
  6. A company’s source for global, flexible, and on-demand team building
  7. A place to earn financial freedom and passive income no matter who you are
  8. A community educational hub for Tech workers of all levels
  9. A community freelance agency for Tech workers of all levels

Tech Fleet Overview

Tech Fleet is on a mission to create equal opportunity to anyone pursuing UX, Product Management, Development, and other Tech fields. We want to give anyone in the world the opportunity to learn something new in Tech and trained on the job, closing the education gap as we go. We want any idea in the world to be able to be funded, tested, researched, launched, and maintained together as a community. We want to create jobs for the world. We want to build and maintain products and services for the world.

The problems we’re solving

  1. We’ve got a hiring problem all over the world.
  2. The wealth gap and Tech skills gap continue to grow all over the world.
  3. New workers in Tech are not given enough proper chances to succeed.
  4. We’ve got a UX and Product talent problem in new industries like blockchain/web3, AI, and VR.
  5. There’s an ever-growing gap between educational knowledge and job requirements as industries evolve.
  6. Breaking into UX, Product, Development, and other Tech fields often requires people to do free labor today.
  7. Juniors and people transitioning from other fields are struggling the hardest.
  8. Individual contributors often get very little say in financial or company decisions.

Our offerings

  1. A decentralized model for Tech apprenticeships; anyone in the world should have a chance to get on-the-job experience, and learn key industry skills from experts.
  2. A global network that incentivizes you to learn from the community, re-skill, and get paid experience
  3. A community-owned startup and idea incubator that gives DAO members financial stake based on the products and services we build and the revenue they generate
  4. New economic and experience opportunities for entry-level workers, junior workers, experts, mentors, and coaches
  5. A community-led agency offering UX, Product, Development, and marketing services to nonprofits, startups, for-profits, and blockchain projects
  6. A global pool of Tech talent who comes together to solve the world’s problems for any client big or small

Bringing blockchain and financial freedom to the masses (finally)

You’ve probably heard this before if you’re invested in crypto projects. Teams often say they are trying to “bring blockchain to the masses”. We will never bring crypto to the masses until we design the technology for human behavior and needs. The concepts in blockchain are groundbreaking but our delivery in user experience is mostly poor today. The industry is full of innovative apps that are confusing and (sometimes) frustrating to the lay person. I’ve seen people who are getting into the technology for the first time face a difficult battle. Applications are often built for blockchain without researching user needs, behavior, and desires. They launch quickly without vetting the UX or the built-in logic. These development-first solutions are more suitable to tech savvy people or developers themselves, but not for the masses.

Use cases for Tech Fleet

  1. For people trying to start a career to UX, Product Management, QA, Development, or other Tech roles: imagine getting mentorship through on-the-job experience; having new opportunities for income and experience that you’ve never had before through on-the-job contribution; being able to observe experts while they work and ask them questions; having a community to lean on when you need help or want to partner up; deciding which new businesses to fund and launch, and deciding how our community should run; projects that you contributed to giving you a financial stake and decisioning power.
  2. For experienced professionals in Tech: imagine being able to get experience in new job skills on-demand while getting paid; getting profit sharing based on the projects you’ve worked on in the past; getting incentivized to sponsor and mentor apprentices; being able to contribute to projects that make an impact in the world; having ample opportunity to freelance and level up; running your own services for hire and having a community of Talent to grow your operations; being paid for teaching others in the community; having more passive income the more projects you contribute to.
  3. For entrepreneurs and startups: imagine getting help staffing, researching, designing, building, developing, and maintaining any product or service in the world; sponsoring your employees to be re-skilled in Tech through our on-the-job apprenticeship model; building employee training programs built out of a global community; building a team of ninjas on-demand whenever you need to get something done; getting discounts on freelance work if you’re a member of the DAO; being able to quickly test any idea with users before you build them; being able to invest in new ideas and ventures; introducing new revenue streams for your business through passive income and profit sharing.
  4. For corporations and nonprofits: imagine getting discounts on freelance work if you’re a member of the DAO; sponsoring your employees to be re-skilled and level up in Tech through our on-the-job apprenticeship model; having an infinite talent pool of skilled workers on-hand; hiring on-demand teams of experienced people for the work you need now; reducing your overhead while increasing your delivery value to customers; getting help testing any new idea before you invest in it; partnering with a global community pool of talent from novice to expert; hiring junior workers who have work experience in industry skills like Agile, cross-functional teams, and project management.
  5. For retail and institutional investors: imagine investing in a company that gives you a share of revenue and profit from every corner of the business; having a community to learn new skills and get work done when you need; getting a say in the products and services we build, in the passive income opportunities we offer you; a place where your money is put to the greater good of humankind.

The Value of Tech Fleet Community DAO

  1. Offering apprenticeships in UX, Product, and development with real stake, real experience, real income, and real results
  2. Tech Fleet apprenticeships teach in-demand skills that only job experience can teach you
  3. User-Centered Design, Business Development, UX Research, Product Strategy, Development, and Marketing services for nonprofits, for-profit companies, blockchain projects, and institutions
  4. Income and professional experience opportunities for Tech Fleet apprentices and leads, and for regular freelancers of any level (Even juniors or new grads!)
  5. Dedicated DAO initiatives to provide financial incentives to members who mentor and teach others in new trades
  6. Got an idea for a new venture that will help the world? Let the DAO help fund, find talent for, research, design, test, develop, launch, and maintain it
  7. Revenue and profit sharing, income opportunities, collateralized NFT assets with utility, exclusive educational opportunities, and other perks for DAO members

A look back at Tech Fleet so far (2020–2022)

Tech Fleet community — It was July 2020 when I had seen enough on LinkedIn around job hiring. I called out to the community on LinkedIn and asked if people were interested in starting projects as a group with clients to gain real experience. The rest, as they say, is history. Tech Fleet online community exists on Slack and Linkedin today. Our list of clients continues to grow, as well as our repeat clients. Our list of incubated products under our wing is growing too.

How are we different from others in the space?

  1. vs. Venture capital-backed startups — Unlike VC-backed startups today, DAO members vote on the direction of the DAO, and DAO contributors financially benefit the most out of the DAO’s endeavors. VCs can invest a financial stake in the company and hold shares, but they won’t have more voting power in the DAO compared to the people in the community. Every DAO member is a shareholder based upon their weight measured in $FLEET tokens and DAO voting weight. In our DAO, voting weight will be determined based on your tokens held and your contribution to the DAO and its members. Project contributors can stake their Tech Fleet NFT to receive $FLEET tokens, further increasing their DAO shared stake in Tech Fleet as they complete projects, provide marketing services, mentor apprentices, provide contributions to open source documentation, moderate social media, run workshops, or something else we the DAO determine to be important and incentivized.
  2. vs. Freelance and volunteering platforms —There are lots of freelance and volunteering platforms out there in the world today. None of them focus on helping inexperienced workers like we do. None of them give financial stake in the companies. It’s been said that the Gig economy will need better wages and social support to grow. Tech Fleet Community DAO is exactly that: an ecosystem for social support and better wages while contributing and re-skilling people through the Gig Economy.
  3. vs. Bootcamps and educational institutions — We are the “Bootcamp of Hard Knocks”. Throw away the books and jump right into the fire. Our group prides itself on teaching the fundamentals of the industry today unlike education. We teach Agile UX, perform Design Sprints, and give project contributors the psychological safety to make project decisions for themselves and fail fast. Design and Development bootcamps are partnering with Tech Fleet today to give grads the chance to bridge the education gap while getting mentored.
  4. vs. Agencies — Agencies only specialize in the skills they’ve hired for and operationalized. Tech Fleet Community DAO is a global network of talent that any client of ours can use to their advantage, picking and choosing the right roles for their needs, and coming back to the same place every time: Tech Fleet.
  5. vs. other DAOs — DAOs have existed since the early days of Crypto. Our DAO is just like any other DAO, decentralized in everything we do. We will have elected leadership guiding the community direction, the products, Tech Fleet Community DAO portal, and DAO operations. We’ll have other employees who coordinate work, mentor individuals, develop our business, and build relationships with clients. We’re mission-driven in nature, and do charitable work as well as for-profit work. Our DAO will be a legal entity in the U.S., offering members and investors and managers legal protections they wouldn’t otherwise get in other DAOs.

Blockchain overview

Our DAO on the Blockchain

Here’s an overview of the blockchain aspects for our DAO

  • We will host our application through the Flux Network to remain fully decentralized in our technology.
  • We will use the Kadena blockchain to build our apps. Kadena is the only infinitely scalable layer 1 blockchain today. We picked Kadena for its scalability and utility, and are long-term supporters of its blockchain. The Kadena ecosystem is set to grow immensely and Tech Fleet Community DAO will help catalyze its adoption.
  • $FLEET token will be listed on Kadena DEX’s at token mint and contract launch. We’ll pursue listings on centralized exchanges as they arise.
  • Kadena Blockchain offers opportunities for $0 gas through gas stations. We will incorporate gas stations in our apps so people can avoid paying gas fees.
  • We will mint our DAO’s NFT using the Kadena Marmalade or Butter protocols
  • We plan to offer NFT staking for people to stake Tech Fleet NFT to receive $FLEET governance tokens. More details and plans will be announced as they arise.
  • We will offer DAO members integrated DeFi and passive income opportunities from other blockchain apps. Members will be able to utilize $FLEET staking as well as other initiatives the DAO votes in.
  • For payments of projects, the DAO is going to give people options of flexible payment. They will be able to take payment in a FLEET NFT (and earn all opportunities that come with that), $KDA (Kadena), $kBTC (Bitcoin), $kETH (Ethereum), $FLEET, and other tokens that the DAO votes in for payment for freelancing gigs and contract work.
  • Other stablecoins on blockchains will be added over time.
  • As a U.S. legal entity we are going to register the $FLEET token with the SEC and any other regulatory authorities. More details to come as this proceeds.


  • ** UPDATE OCT 2 2022: The tokenomics of the $FLEET token and of the Fleet NFT’s are being updated to optimize for long-term sustainable growth in our community. We will update this document with the latest details as we finalize them in 2022.

$FLEET Tokenomics

  • Standard: Kadena
  • 10,000,000 $FLEET total supply
  • 10,000,000 $FLEET max supply

Tech Fleet NFT Tokenomics

  • Standard: Butter or Marmalade
  • Total supply of Gen 0 Pass: 2,000
  • Total supply of Gen 1 Pass: 2,000
  • Other NFT collections will be minted as the DAO votes to propose new supply for various purposes.

DAO membership

How to become a member of the Tech Fleet Community DAO

You become a member of the Tech Fleet Community DAO by one of several ways:

  1. You contribute 1 working cycle on a Tech Fleet project
  2. You complete 1 working cycle of freelance work for Tech Fleet
  3. You contribute to the future success of Tech Fleet through work of some sort
  4. You hold at least 1 $FLEET token in your voting wallet
  5. You are a client of Tech Fleet as a DAO, nonprofit, or for-profit organization.
  6. You are an industry partner of Tech Fleet, like a bootcamp, school, company, or DAO

Voting Weight

We believe that your weight in a DAO should be based on your individual contribution to the success of the DAO. Just like other projects on Kadena, your voting weight in the DAO will be calculated from a combination of your total $FLEET tokens you have relative to the max supply, the number of project NFT in your wallet (which you receive after a project), contribution to the DAO, and the length of time you’ve staked your $FLEET tokens.

Opportunities for those trying to transition into new Tech fields

We take all levels: students, apprentices, mentors, freelancers, coaches, even executives could join in projects to contribute. You don’t need to pay anything to be a DAO member, you’d start with our decentralized apprenticeships and receive $FLEET (or other token) payments after you’re done. Then you’re a member of the DAO, with profit sharing relative to the amount of $FLEET tokens you hold. The more projects you complete, the more experience you get, the more you can get paid on freelance roles, the more weight you have in the DAO governance, and the more passive income you can generate for yourself.

Opportunities for nonprofits, corporate organizations, angel investors, venture funds, entrepreneurs, startups, DAOs, and incubators

Any company in the world, whether formed or not, can become a client or member of Tech Fleet Community DAO. We’re a full-cycle product shop with the ability to research, design, test, develop, host, launch, and maintain. We can build new products and can help launch ventures or help build out existing products you’re maintaining today. Companies who are DAO members get discounts on hired services through our platform, priority hiring from our talent pool, and profit / revenue sharing from the DAO itself.

Opportunities for retail and institutional investors

The amount of $FLEET tokens you hold is your key to passive income in Tech Fleet Community DAO. We share all profit and revenue with DAO members relative to their weight in token supply. For instance, let’s say Member A has 500 $FLEET tokens and Member B has 1,000. Person B will get twice the passive income as Person A (in theory). You can purchase tokens from exchanges or peer-to-peer, get the community airdrop when we launch, and earn tokens by contributing to work in the DAO

Opportunities for industry partners

Industry partners are an important part of our ecosystem as we create a global talent network. Partners like schools, bootcamps, crypto projects, or other companies, or individuals can partner with Tech Fleet Community DAO. Your partnership gives you immediate access to our global network. Partners will pay a fee to the DAO treasury to benefit from and contribute to our community. Partners get immediate membership and DAO voting, and you can choose how to invest from there.

Product Roadmap

Here’s a high level roadmap of milestones for the next two years of Tech Fleet Community DAO. Like any product roadmap, these milestones can and will evolve as we progress. Expect the roadmap to be available and maintained on our website when it launches, and for our elected team to communicate updates as often as we need.

2022 plans

Tech Fleet on the blockchain:

  • DAO incorporation process
  • Tech Fleet apprenticeship platform development starts
  • Tech Fleet Gen 0 NFT collection mint
  • Full website launch
  • Apprenticeship-as-a-Service launch
  • Agency services grow
  • Industry partnerships grow
  • Paid agency projects start
  • Startup accelerator services start
  • Kadet Wallet development starts
  • Kadena Block Explorer V2 development starts

2023 plans

General services:

  • sTech Fleet Agile UX certification
  • Tech Fleet community bootcamp and apprenticeship programs
  • Agency services grow
  • Incubated products and startup acceleration services grow
  • Industry partnerships grow
  • DAO treasury opens
  • $FLEET Seed sale, private sale, and IDO
  • $FLEET token generation event
  • Digital NFT ID with Tech Fleet hiring credentials
  • Tech Fleet NFT Staking
  • On-chain apprenticeship platform
  • On-chain apprenticeship scholarship lotteries
  • On-chain freelance platform
  • On-chain talent network showcase
  • On-chain governance
  • Revenue sharing for DAO members
  • DeFi services for DAO members
  • Kadet University launch — Blockchain learn to earn, certs, and bootcamp
  • Kadet Wallet launch
  • Kadena Block Explorer V2 launch
  • New incubated products begin



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