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4 min readAug 2, 2022


Tech Fleet and Miners of Kadenia are joining forces to increase the amount of qualified Pact development talent in the Kadena community. Together, they are setting the precedent for a company-sponsored re-skilling program happening through direct client work. Pact is an open-source programming language that is gaining favor as blockchain technologies and solutions adapt and grow in popularity. Pact language focuses on writing smart contracts that are secure, upgradable and human-readable. Tech Fleet is managing a paid 8 week Pact internship to work directly on the Miners of Kadenia product.

Tech Fleet and Miners of Kadenia are partnering to offer a paid internship opportunity for 2 interns with pact development language experience. Please note that a portfolio displaying a Pact application case study is required to apply. After applying, selected applicants will go through interviews with Tech Fleet and Miners of Kadenia team members. Hired interns will be paid a $1500 stipend for the 8 weeks, while working 10 hours a week within a Tech Fleet sprint structure.

What we are looking for:

MoK and Tech Fleet are looking for individuals who want to make a career out of blockchain development, specifically Pact. There are two positions available on this project.

The first position is a web3 tool developer and architect who will be operating in the Kadena ecosystem. You must be a Full Stack Engineer, preferably with Solidity and/or Rust experience and Web3 experience.

The second position available is a Smart Contract Engineer that will be operating in the Kadena Ecosystem. Requirements for this position include experience as a Data Scientist with a BS and two years of experience in the industry. Preferably you have experience with Python, Solidity and/or Rust.

Applicants will be selected based on their understanding of Pact and will be given a coding challenge as part of the interview process. They also must be located near GMT+3 to facilitate communication for the project. They will be expected to work on this project roughly 10 hours per week for eight weeks and will receive a $1500 USD stipend for their work. Both positions will report to the Chief Pact Engineer of Miners of Kadenia and will work under the Tech Fleet sprint structure.

The perfect candidate has a portfolio of work examples showing their breadth of skills for web3 coding, including but not limited to Solidity, Rust, Pact, or otherwise. They should also have experience coding at least one Pact smart contract and should be ready to demonstrate their knowledge of Pact language. Interns also need to be available for specific times in the day and week to meet with the MoK development team.

At the end of the internship the MoK team hopes to hire one of the interns and help the other intern get placed on another Kadena project as a Pact smart contract developer.

These are exciting times in these communities as we work to build a solid pipeline of Kadena web3 development talent for our beloved Kadena community. Together, we are helping catalyze the project quality in our ecosystem.

How it Works

This will be just like you were working on a real development team. Interns will work directly with the development lead for the Miners of Kadenia team. They will work with interns during working sessions each week, a couple times a week. During these sessions interns will get training on what to do and how to do the work. Between these meetings, interns will be working every day within Tech Fleet sprint meeting working sessions to code. Interns will use the same tools that the MoK team uses in their development, and will be assigned real tasks for the real MoK game.

During each work week, the MoK team will determine priorities to give to Tech Fleet, and Tech Fleet will organize the work with the interns. We’ll also help document codin

Apply Now

To apply, click on the links below. You will be given a coding challenge to complete as part of your interview process, and will be tested on deep Pact skills before we choose the right candidates.

Web3 Tool Developer and Architect Intern

PACT Smart Contract Engineer Intern

About the Miners of Kadenia

Miners of Kadenia is Kadena’s very first mine-to-earn GameFi protocol, powered by the $MOK Token. Miners of Kadenia combines NFTs with Play to Earn (P2E) gamification functions in the Metaverse. With Miners of Kadenia’s in-house mining farm and Kadena’s gas stations, there are no gas fees to worry about. While leveraging Pact smart contract language, Miners of Kadenia is creating a gamified gateway to the entire Kadena ecosystem.



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