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Updated 10/15/2023 with the latest plans

*** DISCLAIMER: The details that follow are planned but tentative, and as the world turns these plans might change. Expect the community to communicate these changes and involve the community throughout the process. We wouldn’t be a community-driven organization without peer review and support from the community. Tech Fleet will iterate on this over time with feedback and buy-in.

A look to 2024

Tech Fleet’s planning to expand operations as a nonprofit seeking public charity status to aid in the mission to create fair access to tech careers.

Tech Fleet Talent Network will help anyone with 0–5 years of professional experience in Tech get their first tech role, and get help leveling up in their career. We’ve helped hundreds of UX, product, and development contributors become gainfully employed. Together, the community moves our mission forward to help underprivileged and underemployed people get their first roles in tech.

Our upcoming Talent Network will provide Tech Fleet community contributors with the ability to personalize their experience and explore paths in tech careers.

Our Programs

Community and Career Development Program

This focuses on helping people gain team experience working with real clients on Agile teams. We partner with other nonprofits, business partners, and open source projects to offer professional tech services.

Extension and Outreach Program

This focuses on helping expand knowledge and education for advanced tech topics. Through live and online events, masterclasses, and resources, Tech Fleet can empower future tech talent to prepare for what it takes in the field.

Talent Network Program

After all that training, how do you sell yourself as a candidate that adds value? Tech Fleet’s Talent Network Program helps trainees connect with employer partners. We will help with case studies, interviewing, resume, and the hiring process before contributors find their next role.

Your Tech Fleet Passport

We seek to reward based on work and accomplishments, not based on investment. The Tech Fleet Passport will track your experience, reputation, and contribution in the community.

Each time you finish a project or contribute to Tech Fleet, you get a “badge of accomplishment”. The more badges you hold, the more voting power you have in community decisions.

With the Passport you can get guidance finding new career paths, measuring your progress, tallying your experience, and showcasing your skills to potential employers.

Tracking Accomplishments

You will not be able to buy or sell Tech Fleet NFT. They represent accomplishments you earn in the community, and will be soulbound inside each individual’s passport. If the passport is transferred, the “badges” are burned. This ensures that we can uphold trustworthy information about contributions in the community.



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