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Digital ID, NFT, and Decentralized App

*** DISCLAIMER: The details that follow are planned but tentative, and as the world turns these plans might change. Expect the DAO to communicate these changes and involve the community throughout the process. We wouldn’t be a DAO without peer review and support from the community. This article is open for comment and thoughts about the model proposed for the community to sustain our growth.

Coming Soon

Over the course of 2023, Tech Fleet is working to launch the Tech Fleet Talent Network using Web 3.0 technology on Kadena and Flux. This involves a Web 3.0 platform, tradable NFT, and soulbound digital ID’s. This article introduces these concepts.

Tech Fleet Talent Network

Tech Fleet Talent Network will be a decentralized platform operating on Kadena and Flux Network. The platform will help anyone from 0 experience entry-level to senior level in Tech. It’ll provide Tech Fleet NFT owners with exclusive opportunities for education, coaching, freelancing, job hunting, and entrepreneurship.

The community will offer opportunities to level up in the following careers:

  1. UX Research
  2. UX/UI Design
  3. UX Strategy and architecture
  4. Product ownership
  5. Product management
  6. Scrum Master
  7. UX Writing / Content strategy
  8. Front-end programming
  9. Full-stack programming
  10. Blockchain programming
  11. QA / Devops

We’ll offer more roles as new community efforts to support them arise.

Your Tech Fleet Digital ID

Tech Fleet Digital ID’s hold your Tech Fleet experience and education credentials on the blockchain, allowing for truly verified information that anyone can check. No one will be able to successfully lie about credentials from Tech Fleet with a Tech Fleet Digital ID and the consensus mechanism the community will build to peer-review and confirm experience. There will be a one-time fee to mint a Tech Fleet Digital ID, and proceeds will go to the DAO treasury.

Soon we will start collecting names and information of Tech Fleet community members who’ve been apprentices, leads, or contributors, and collect their experience and are interested in remaining within the Tech Fleet Talent Network. We’ll upload the details into their ID’s when we initially launch the Tech Fleet Digital ID.

Tech Fleet Gen 0 NFT

Tech Fleet Gen 0 and Gen 1 NFT are tradable, and serve as the “access pass” to the Tech Fleet Talent Network. Buy or sell them on and Arkade. Rent them for temporary access on

One Gen 0 NFT grants you access to the entire Tech Fleet Talent Network: community apprenticeships, coaching, services for hire, full-time openings from partner employers, and freelance gigs that are exclusively reserved for Tech Fleet members.

As long as you own at least one Gen 0 NFT, you’ll have access to the entire with all the opportunity that comes with it. Proceeds from NFT sales will go to the DAO treasury.

We’re going space theme with our NFT! Aliens, astronauts, who knows what else?! Stay tuned for more art previews and mint details.

A sample from the Tech Fleet Gen 0 “Legends” collection. Credit to the artist Matteo Azanza!


This is the current plan for NFT passes:

  1. 2,000 Gen 0 passes
  2. 2,000 Gen 1 passes

Details on Gen 0:

  • 750 Gen 0 NFT available to mint on Arkade
  • 750 Gen 0 NFT available to mint on
  • 500 Gen 0 passes reserved in the DAO Treasury for scholarships, liquidity, and partnerships in the future

Access to the Tech Fleet Talent Network

Tech Fleet tradable NFT is your ticket to access the following on

  • Apply to community apprenticeships, community bootcamps
  • Obtain certificates created and maintained by the community and written based on industry best practices
  • Rent your NFT access to others for rewards
  • Get access to one-on-one mentoring, training, and coaching services offered by Tech Fleet and community members
  • Land exclusive paid coaching, mentorship, job, and freelance opportunities based on your Tech Fleet experience
  • Host your own community apprenticeship, cert, or bootcamp program on
  • Receive discounts on UX research, UX design, product management, or development work as a member client
  • Receive exclusive educational content and resources coming from our community
  • Exclusive events held for the community
  • Purchase your own blockchain domain and talent showcase website to show off your skills to employers

Buying or Selling NFT

Users will be able to buy or sell Tech Fleet tradable NFT from, Arkade, and any other NFT marketplaces where they’re available after launch.

Renting access to others

We want to make access to as inclusive to anyone no matter their situation. NFT owners can rent out Gen 0 NFT access temporarily to others to others so they can gain temporary access to Tech Fleet Network services.

Those who want to rent NFT access will have flexible options to rent for different costs and time periods to get what they need. NFT owners who rent their NFT to others will earn rewards from a pool of funds in the treasury taken from rental revenue. NFT owners can rent NFT access to one person at a time and can still access platform services while the NFT is rented since they own it. More details will follow about this with pricing and membership details.

Web 3.0 Platform

Informational website for Tech Fleet

Today Tech Fleet has a robust operational structure for running apprenticeships without a website. Soon we’ll launch Tech Fleet’s full re-design of our information website, This will provide general information about how our community works and help people navigate through getting started.

Community-driven UX, product management, and development apprenticeships will be a place for anyone in the world to level up in their careers of choice through on-the-job experience building, real-world education, and exclusive events. People can take apprenticeships and get personalized coaching alongside their program. Experienced people can get paid to coach and mentor in apprenticeships, or paid to freelance. Tech Fleet has always taught in apprenticeships through client-facing project work and will continue doing so at scale.

Exclusive community bootcamps and certificate programs

In addition to offering apprenticeships, will host new opportunities for community-driven education programs exclusively offered to the Tech Fleet community. These will vary in topic, length, cost, and outcomes and will be completely decentralized in nature.

Host your own community apprenticeship, course, certificate, or bootcamp program on

As a decentralized platform, the community should have complete decision-making power in what education programs get hosted to provide the most benefit for all. A person or company can host an apprenticeship if they hold a Tech Fleet gen 0 NFT and meet the criteria set by the DAO. The platform will let companies, schools, or individuals host their own community educational programs for UX, Product Management, Marketing, Data Science, Dev, Blockchain, or whatever they want to coach.

Exclusive paid freelance and full-time openings from employers in the Tech Fleet Talent Network

Once you build experience through apprenticeships and other programs, you can apply to mint a Tech Fleet Digital ID to store all of your work experience credentials on the blockchain ledger. Anyone can search and see your credentials on the blockchain. This will allow you to prove to anyone whatever education or work experience you’ve had in Tech Fleet. Over time this can be extended to show work and education experience from other places through some consensus mechanism. The more experienced you are in Tech Fleet, the higher potential you have to get paid on gigs as a freelancer in the platform. will host open positions and freelancing opportunities for the Tech Fleet Talent Network, exclusive to those who hold a gen 0 NFT and have Tech Fleet work experience (shown on the digital ID). Those without Tech Fleet work experience are welcome to apply to gigs if they hold a gen 0 NFT and can prove proper experience for the role with the client.

Exclusive paid coaching and mentoring opportunities

This community is all about people giving back to each other what they themselves learned. Those who apprenticed often seek mentoring roles or lead roles to level up in leadership. will host open opportunities for hiring mentors on projects. We will allow people to post their own services for hire to the community on the platform if they hold a Tech Fleet gen 0 NFT. With more Tech Fleet experience, you can be considered for paid mentoring or coaching roles throughout the Tech Fleet community.

Talent Showcase profile, hosted on Flux Network

Caption: a concept of the Profile Showcase showing someone’s validated credentials that were included in a blockchain ledger.

With your Tech Fleet experience and Tech Fleet Digital ID you can additionally purchase a “Talent Showcase Profile”. We’ll give you a domain and host a website through Flux to showcase your talents to potential employers. It can show your validated experience from the Digital ID as well as portfolio case studies, custom web code, recorded interview questions, peer-reviewed skills, and other things to show what you can do for potential employers.

Scholarships for community apprenticeships/certs/bootcamps

Those who are interested can apply to apprenticeship scholarships that are are open to anyone. Those seeking apprenticeships and education/experience opportunities can apply to scholarships that are posted on Scholarships might have entry ticket fees.

Similar to apprenticeships or freelance opportunites, anyone will be able to sponsor and fund a scholarship. Companies, schools, and individuals can set terms and work with Tech Fleet to build them into the scholarship. To maintain absolute fairness, scholarships will be held through a blockchain lottery contract and results will be tamper-proof. Tech Fleet Community DAO plans to post its own scholarships every year. The DAO will reserve a number of Gen 0 NFT in the treasury for allocating through scholarships over the next 5 years.

Voting on decisions

The power of any decentralized community is the voice its members have in deciding how the community runs. Members of the community have the power to decide on future direction in Tech Fleet through blockchain voting governance. We’ll make this such that people without blockchain experience can still know what to do and vote if they choose. Proposals can be posted by anyone who has the right in the DAO, and voted upon by the members of the DAO. Members who have Tech Fleet work experience plan to be given voting power on certain DAO decisions through the Tech Fleet Digital ID (details TBD per legal compliance regulations). More details will be announced as we design the governance structure in full for Tech Fleet, near-term and long-term. Look for us to announce further details as they arise.

Starting on Kadena, building an interoperable future

Tech Fleet Talent Network should be multi-chain eventually. It will start with building the foundation on Kadena, the only infinitely scalable Layer 1 blockchain in existence today. NFT shouldn’t be limited only to Kadena blockchain marketplaces; we see a future where Tech Fleet NFT can be purchased on Ethereum / Polygon / Cosmos marketplaces like and more.

Stay tuned on our socials and in Medium for more details as we announce them. Some time soon the community will vote on the details of these as we build and launch.



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