Tech Fleet’s “Dextools for Kadena” and Kadena Block Explorer V2

Written by Morgan Denner, Tech Fleet CXO

We’re incubating our next web3 product: an open source Kadena Block Explorer and a “ for Kadena”.


If our mission is to introduce Kadena to the world and allow for mainstream adoption, we must have tools that provide more clarity and visibility into Kadena blockchain activity. We must give traders what they need to track the perfect entry and exit. Chains like Ethereum and Binance offer very robust analytics tools for Blockchain and Trading activity today, like Dextools. Kadena Blockchain Explorer, while providing crucial information on Kadena activity, doesn’t provide enough data in rich user experiences for the likes of traders or users who need to see more.

Enter Tech Fleet’s new product, the Kadena Block Explorer V2 (yet to be named, now referred to as “KBEV2”).This is the second web3 product, next to Kadet Wallet, that Tech Fleet Community DAO and the $FLEET token are going to govern. The KBEV2 will be Tech Fleet’s answer to providing robust data needs in the Kadena community to pave the way for Kadena’s mainstream adoption.

The Vision


Don’t make the user think hard

What does “Easy Mode” look like? The team will build this vision over time based on information from user research about the problems new and experienced users face today while trading and analyzing on Kadena.

Universal search

The app should have:

  1. Search for wallet address and see transaction results
  2. Search for different types of Kadena transactions: “Reserve”, “Buy”, etc.
  3. Search for request key and see transaction results
  4. Search for Kadena Token Domain and see transaction results
  5. Search for block # and see transaction results
Ethereum Block Explorer allows users to type in one of many types of attributes and get immediate results from that. This flexibility allows for a more successful UX.

Detailed block analytics

The app should have:

  1. Full block history
  2. Full transaction history
  3. More transaction details like success or failure statuses, block data, gas data, contract functions, and function input data.
Homepage of the Ethereum Block Explorer showing latest transactions and latest blocks being mined
Transaction details for an Ethereum transaction that was mined on the blockchain.

Kadena NFT Explorer

This app should have features to search for Kadena NFT, the first-ever for any application on Kadena.

Finding that perfect entry and exit for your trades

For the moonbois and day traders, that’s certainly not enough. They need to know exactly when to get in or get out to their liking and technical analyses. Tools like Dextools have advanced views of the trading data happening on DEX’s which is where the gap exists. DEX traders who rely on 1 minute charts need to see the latest activity across decentralized and centralized exchanges. Today looking at KittyKad price charts is enough to see price and gauge how a token is performing for the moment.

The more visibility and exposure we give to the masses about the trading activity happening across exchanges and pairs, the better the trading User Experience will be for the Kadena blockchain. This product should take Kadena trading analytics to the next level and provide things traders expect.

The app should have:

  1. Advanced and flexible views of trading charts with minute trading as well as 15m/30m/1d/ etc.
  2. Tools for technical analysis
  3. Real-time transaction history of the token trading across DEX’s
  4. Token contract, websites, and other “official” links related to the token
Picture of Dextools’s trading chart

Building trust and reliability scores for Kadena tokens

The app should have:

  1. Cumulative token “trust score” based on multiple criteria
  2. Community-driven trust score
  3. Contract details viewable by the community
  4. Alerts and warnings when interacting with contracts or pairs that have a low trust score
  5. API data for other projects to grab this information that originates from our app
A picture of DEXTools “Trust Score” for a token pair.

Kadena Token rankings

The app should have:

  1. Kadena token “Biggest Winners” per the last 24 hours
  2. Kadena token “Biggest Losers” per the last 24 hours
  3. “Hot Pairs” for Kadena tokens per the last 24 hours
Picture of Dextools’s token rankings

Advertising and socials for projects

The app should have:

  1. Paid advertising options for Kadena projects
  2. Discounts and specials for $FLEET holders

Future features

  1. A way to see the trading charts for a single token across multiple DEXs at once (Dextools “Multichart”)
  2. A way to trade tokens right in the interface while looking at pair explorers (Dextools “DEXTSwap” aggregator)
  3. Advanced tier features like price alerts and more

Next Steps



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